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Saturday, September 3, 2011

29. December 11 1883

In this new letter Anna Greta asks them to send her some cabbage seeds as she thinks Swedish cabbage is better than the American.  Perhaps they grew better in Sweden because of the longer summer days in Sweden's further north location.  There was never a letter in 1877  telling of the birth of their last child, a son named Theodore.  Anna Greta was 41 years old and bore children for 20 years.

Jonas Victor Swenson
Randolph, KS  December 11, 1883

Thanks, Dear Brother for all the troubles you have had for us and thanks for all the letters we have gotten.  Thanks also for the bill of $150.  You have not got a good price for your troubles.  We got a letter from Oskar, if I do not remember wrong.  It is very nice to get letters from you.

I can tell you that we have got a good harvest this year of all sorts.  Our Dear God has been good to us with the harvest and also everything else.  Also, today our Lord keeps his promise.  His grace is new every morning.  Even today we have wakened with health and new strength.  Until now the Lord has helped and will help us in the future.

Anna Greta asks if you can send us cabbage seeds in a letter.  It will be better cabbage from the Swedish seeds.

The next time you write, let us know about our old father, if he can be up sometimes and if he has pain.

I finish my letter with our dear regards to you and your family, our old parents, siblings and relatives, brother-in-law Johan Petter and his family and also to Karl Johan.

Victor Svenson

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