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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

34. April 17, 1892

In this letter, Jonas Victor plans to build a new house.  I remember attending a family reunion here many years ago when Matilda Swenson Skonberg's son,my Uncle Harold Skonberg and family lived there.  Picture is from collection of June Skonberg Roche.

Jonas Victor Swenson
Wakefield, KS
April 17, 1892

Dear Mother and Siblings, Relatives and Friends,

I will, after a long break, write to you to let you know that we have good health and are well until now.  We have been to church today.  It is Easter Day.

We have moved half an English mile from where we have lived, so we live a little further from our land now.  We have a smaller house now, but it is better.  We moved because we did not want to give as much as $400 rent, so we rented another quarter to the west of where we lived.  We gave $360.  We shall only live here this year.  We will build some time in the summer.
New limestone house.  Jonas Victor and Anna Great Swenson in front with unidentified woman on right.

Mother, thank you so much for the money we received some time ago.  It was a little more than $6.  Mother says she would want to meet her mother one day on this earth, but it is probably impossible.

There is worship tonight in our church, but it seems to be raining so there will not be as many people there as there were this morning when the church was full.

We will send our paper "Augustana" and our Sunday paper, "The Children's Paper" to you just for fun.

Jonas Victor

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