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Thursday, September 22, 2011

46. January 1905

This is the first letter of 1905 from Jonas Victor Swenson.  There is snow and he plans a sleigh ride!

Cleburne,  January 9, 1905
Dear Brother Albert with Family in Spakarp.
     We wish you everything good.  I can tell you that we are well, thanks be to God.  We are not very strong, but it is no wonder, because I am soon seventy and my wife some months younger. We live in the same house as before, and we have built a new house for the people who rent the farm.  We get the milk from two cows and food for two horses, so we can go wherever we want.  We also have some hens.  We have a good life as long as we can  take care of ourselves.
     We have survived Christmas.  All except Tilda (Matilda) were here.  She and her husband have 11 children.
     Besides the milk and horses, we get half of all corn, cattle and swine when we sell them.  Then we have eight bee-hives, which we look after, but the people who rent the farm have no part in the bee-hives.  There are a lot of bees here.  In our woods you can find six hollow trees with bees.
     As I write you, we have a lot of snow.  It is the best weather for sleighing we have had the last two years.  The people will have a nice time.  I have my sleigh in order, so we will give it a try.  Last year I did not use the sleigh.
     Send a letter when you can.
                                                      V. Svenson         

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