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Monday, September 12, 2011

37. February 5 1894 Part 3

This is the last part of a rather long letter from Jonas Victor Swenson.  He wonders if his mother is still alive.  He talks of the size of his farms and is thinking he is growing old.  Actually, he lived another 39 years and died at 97 years of age.

Third Part of letter dated February 5, 1894
Cleburne Riley Co KS

It is true what you say, Brother, that if we had stayed in Sweden we would not have what we have now.  Perhaps you think that it is more than it is, but it has not always been so good.  I remember the time when we had a pair of small horses, and an old work wagon.  We put all our children in that wagon and went to church together and were happy.  Like you, we have different farms and buildings, different good and beautiful lands.  There are different farmers--one succeeds while others stand still and some go backward.

The place where we now live cost us $11,000.  We have 400 acres, 175 acres in fields, 20 acres to hay and the rest is pasture and woods.  Then we have 800 acres by the old place, where it is mostly pasture, so that land is much cheaper.  There are not such good fields there.  We have this place on lease.

When I think of Sweden, I find that those older than I, and most of the same age, and also my younger brother and older brother have left this earth, perhaps it is soon my turn.  I feel that it draws near to the afternoon.  It is good to see the light in Jesus' forgiveness and cleansing in His name.  I hope that nobody will be missed when Jesus comes.

Now some words to you, my dear Mother, if you are still alive.  Thanks so much for everything good and for the greetings we received.  Lately, I have wondered many times if my Mother has died.  Therefore, I felt good when your greetings came.  God bless you and all of us.  Many dear greetings from us to you, Mother.

I want to know how it is with the Free Church by now.  Are there any prayer or mission houses in Svinhult's parish?

Brother Albert, you talk about authorization.  I have none.  You have not said anything about that.  I thought you had written about it a long time ago.  You need to get that done.  I have not written some yet, but I will send one as soon as I can.  If the one I send is not good enough, can you write Hans Olson's and send it to me, so I can write one of the same sort as his?

Now I will finish my letter.  Many dear greetings from us to you and your family and Gottfried and Oskar (his brothers), and also Johan Petter and Karl Johan in Hamra (maybe old friends or neighbors).

God's Peace and Blessing will be with you and all of us.


J.V. Svenson

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