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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

45. August 1905 ?

Another letter from Jonas Victor with no date.  Three Swenson sons take a trip by train to "see the country".  Two take their wives along.

Cleburne, Riley Co, Kansas August   1905 ?
Dear Brother Albert and family in Spakarp.
     We wish you everything good!  I will write you and let you know that we are all well.  As you know, we are alone now.  None of our children lives at home.  Three of our sons are on a journey by train.  Two of them have their wives along.  The youngest has not married since his wife died.  They will visit Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Minnesota and Canada.  These states they will go partly across.  They bought round trip tickets.  They got them cheaply, but it will cost nearly as much as a trip to Sweden.  They think they will be gone for two months, but perhaps they will get tired and not be gone that long.  They are going to see the country.
     The harvest of all kinds is very good this year.  The weather is warm and has been for a time, so now it is rather dry.  We have had good weather for the crops the whole time.  If we get rain now, it would be a good grain harvest.  If we don't get rain soon, the harvest will not be as good.  
     I mentioned in my last letter that we will give a little money to Fia in Norget from the money I received from Spakarp.  The money was already sent, so I was too late.  Now we will send a money order of $5.  Please give it to Johannes' wife Sofia in Norget.  I would appreciate it if you would do that.  She gave us such good service when we were in Gnost.  She received some money, but it was too little.  If you have some trouble with the money, you should take compensation of this money.  
     If you have time, please send a letter to us so we know how you are, and whether you bought half of Spakarp or not.
     Our kindest regards to all of you.
                         J.V. Svenson


  1. Sounds like a good trip they have planned. It must have been difficult for the family in Sweden to imagine how large America and Canada are. A two month trip sounds tiring indeed!

  2. Actually, many people in Europe still have no concept of how large and spread out America is. But I am sure that back then it was ever more so.