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Sunday, September 4, 2011

31. March 28 1887

In this letter, Jonas Victor is asking about having a young woman come to America to work as a maid at their home.  He says she will work only inside.  I think this was a way for young unmarried women to come to America. This letter, as are most of his letters,  is addressed to his brother Albert who lives at Spakarp.   

Jonas Victor Swenson
Randolph, KS  March 28, 1887

Grace and Peace to you all.

Gustav Albert Swenson
Brother Albert, thanks for your welcome letter.  It is always nice to hear from you.  You write about hard times in Sweden.  It is that here, too.  Everything is good, but the prices are low.  The people get on fine.  Many of them who do not have any land on a homestead, go from here both to west, north and south, where they can get extensive territory for nothing.

You say that many go to America, and we need a maid.  If there is a girl who wants to come here, we would send a ticket to her.  They usually stay a year.  We will give her a pair of boots and a dress.  We would want her to stay a year. The work is indoors.  She needs never be out and do something.  If we live that long, the time for the maid could be longer and we will agree how much to pay her.

We have not had maids during the winter until now.  It would be good if you can find some reliable girl, who wants to learn everything.  Sometimes girls come here who are not alone.  It is better that they stay at home, for here it is a great shame and seldom occurs. (Irene tells me that he means no unmarried young woman with a child should come)  Girls about 20 years old learn the quickest.  However, the age does not have to be exactly under or over 20.  We would like for her to come as soon as possible.  If somebody wants to come, we will do our best for her.  We would make her feel at home here.

We have mission meeting, so I have not time to write more.  We will go to church now.  I will send a letter soon.

When we see how it is with you, we are happy with our lot  here in America.

We want a girl who has been out and worked for others.

Thanks for the regards both from you and the people in Hamra.  We send our dear regards to you all in Spakarp and our relatives in Hamra and friends.

Jonas Victor Svenson

Do send an answer.

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