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Monday, September 19, 2011

42 July 28 1903

Jonas Victor Swenson had planned to visit Sweden but writes that his health is preventing that.

Cleburne July 28, 1902.
Give this to Albert in Spakarp

     Brother Albert, many thanks for the letter.  It is good that we can send a message to each other.  In that way we get to hear about both boys and sorrows.
     I had decided to visit you before Midsummer and go around and see special places in Sweden.  Also stay with you and visit you for a little while, but my health got weak, so I did not dare.
     Our youngest son cultivates the farm where we live.  I have two fifths and he has three.  We have cattle and horses together.  We have 152 cattle and 10 horses together, so he has three fifths and I two.  If we sell for $500, he gets $300 and I get $200.  Usually the tenant gets half, so he has good conditions.  The owner pays the taxes and I pay about $1000, sometimes more, sometimes less.
     Now it is very hot, but I feel better with that than with the cold weather.
    Please let us know if Selma is well.
     Many lovely greetings to all of you and my Mother.
                Kindly, Victor Svenson.

I am sending a picture of our youngest son and his wife.  His wife has died as you can see in Johan Petter's letter.  You can get the picture from Selma in Hamra.

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