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Thursday, September 15, 2011

39. October 1898

This is a short letter from Jonas Victor. He tells about his sons and their businesses. He was always the business man and farmer and tells of the weather and prices.    Roselyn

Swenson Brothers
Top: C.W. and H.F. Swenson
Bottom:  G.A. and P.L. Swenson
Cleburne  October 25 1898
Dear Brother Albert and all in Spakarp.  God's Peace!
     I will send you some lines and let you know how we are.  We have rather good health.  None of our children are at home.  They are traders.  They have five stores.  (Roselyn---By this time the brothers were active in business with stores in Cleburne, Morganville, Clay Center, Leonardville, and Garrison , all in Kansas)      
     We have farm hands and a maid to do the work.  In the summer we have three farm hands and in the winter two.     
     It has been bad weather this summer.  In the spring we got too much rain, but in the summer it was dry, so the grain was not so good, but hay, oats and potatoes were good.  The cattle are very expensive, the horses are cheap.  It seems that we will get winter early this year.  It is cold, and last night we got three inches of snow.  Since we came to American, it has not snowed this early, so we have to move the cattle.
     I heard that my old mother is still alive.  If it is so, give her our kindest regards.  I also heard that the saw mill by Smehemmet burned.  Let me know who lost it.  I have thought that if the damage was yours, it was very bad.  Do  send a letter so we get to know how you are.
     Now I finish my simple letter and send many dear greetings to all of you and enclose you and us in God's protection.

Kindly,   J.V. Swenson

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