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Friday, September 23, 2011

48. January 1906

In this letter we hear for the first time about the start of a large store in Omaha, Nebraska.  Roselyn

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Dear Brother Albert and All of You,
     Now the day after CHristmas Day, I sit down and write some lines to let you know that we are well.  Our children have been at home except for two, who could not come, so we have had a lot of company.  
     We will miss them for they will move a long way off to a larger town (Omaha, Nebraska) and have a larger store, or a wholesale, where they will sell to other stores.  They will begin with about $100.  It is 160 miles from here.  Up to now we have been able to visit them often and they us.  Now it will not be as often.  We think it will be lonely.  There are difficulties and troubles in this world.
     Many thanks, Brother Albert for the letter I got from you and that you told us how everything was.  I am satisfied with everything.  It is not everybody who gets an inheritance from Sweden and been treated as well as we have.  Thanks for your work.  Send regards to Algot in Hamra and tell him that I am grateful to him.
     The spiritual life now is not as good as before, but the people are healthy.  They have had a good harvest the last years.  The land estate has increased much in value and the workers are high priced.
     I have often talked to people who had been in Sweden, and they say it is not profitable to own land in Sweden and hire people.  It is not profitable because the workers are too expensive.  I understand that where it is stony, the farms are not as expensive, but where it is flat land, it is different.
     This autumn and last year, many old and young have died, and perhaps it is our turn.  (After that there are lines about God's grace and goodness).
     Kindest regards to all of you and Johan Petter in Hamra and our relatives.
                                                           J.V. Svenson
I should also say that we have had beautiful weather all autumn.  No frost in the ground.  Today we had snow for the first time, but it seems to disappear.  Brother, do send a letter when you have time.  It would be so nice to hear how Fredrik and his family are.

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