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Thursday, September 22, 2011

47. October 2, 1905

In this letter, there is much talk of settling the inheritance from Jonas Victor Swenson's mother.  It is a little confusing.  Doing international business takes time.

Cleburne, Riley Co, Kansas
October 2, 1905
 Dear Brother Albert with Family.
     God's grace and Peace.
     It has been some time since I wrote to you and also heard anything from you.  We are all well, both we who are old and our children and grandchildren.
     This letter I write specially to you, Brother, to ask how much the inheritance tax was after our mother's death.  The reason is, that I received a bank money order from the post office for $118.36 and a letter from Algot in Hamra, but in the letter he did not say whether I should send money to Hans Olson in Nebraska.  He only asked for the receipt of the money.  I also received the documents and my name was not listed but Olson and his children were listed.  I cannot understand.  Have I been in America too long?  At once I wrote to Algot in Hamra and said that I had received the money and the documents, but that my name was not listed.
     He answered that he had made a mistake at the post office and sent them to me instead of Olson in Nebraska and asked me to send them to Olson's, but the money he did not say anything about.  So I thought the money was mine, but I thought that it was more than I had expected.  Mother had perhaps lent money to somebody.  I cannot remember how much it cost for her to live in a separate house.  
     After that I sent the documents to Olson's in Nebraska as Algot had asked me.  I received the answer that they had not received the documents, but asked where they should get the money.  Then I thought that I had received both my and their money.  I sent the letters I had received from Algot about this, so Olson's would be able to find out how it was, better than I could.
     Had I got their money?  In that case I should send it to them.  I have not received an answer yet.  It seems to be more difficult getting a letter to them than to you, because I am a bad writer.
     Dear Brother, let me know how much my inheritance is after all costs are paid, so I can do the right thing.
     We sent a little money to you, which Johannes and Fia in Norget should have.  I think you have received it.
     Greetings to all of you.

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