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Monday, September 5, 2011

33. July 16 1889

A letter from Jonas Victor, who now signs his name as J.V.Swenson.  Most of the brothers used initials--CW, GA, PL, etc.  He is again telling how much money you need to come to Kansas and saying it is cheaper in Western Kansas.  Actually, land got cheaper the farther west you went.  The western part of Kansas is a very dry area.  It now has irrigation which makes it very good for growing crops.  He tells a little about the family and the two brothers who begin a business.

J. V. Swenson
Cleburne, Riley Co, Ks  July 16 1889

Brother Albert with family, I wish for you good health.

Thanks for the letter, which we have received from you, and I will now answer your questions as well as I can.

I have been late to answer, because I understood in your letter that I had a letter coming from Johan Petter and Oskar.  Now I have received a letter from Johan Petter.  He said that you had agreed about the money for my share in Spakarp,  if I have understood the letter right.  I am satisfied that you buy my share in Spakarp.  I wish you happiness and success and that you can earn enough.

It is difficult to answer your questions about coming here with $1000.  It is much better to come and have $1000 than have nothing, but with $1000 you will not much to live on here.  You have to buy land because you cannot get any land or a farm around here with paying.  Therefore, $1000 will quickly be gone.  All personal property is much cheaper than it was when we came here.  A little farm here where a family can live, you cannot buy for under $2000.  If you are thrifty, you can invest $1000 but it costs $500 or $600 to provide what is necessary.

In the western part of Kansas, you can get land at a cheap price or without paying.  Perhaps $1000 would be enough there, but it is a little uncertain that you would get a good harvest.

Renting here costs much.  Anybody who can earn this money in Sweden, I say stay where you are.  I think it would be best.  It can be worse here, but it can also be much better.  It depends so much on your health, strength, high spirits and God's blessing.  I think that I have a tendency to describe the dark side more than the light.  I have told what I understand about this.

I can tell that we have 8 children, 7 sons and 1 daughter.  She is the oldest and her name is Matilda.  She is married and has 5 children.  She lives 12 Swedish miles from us.  Alfred has been married for some years, but they have no children.  They live close to us.  Carl Victor (Charles) and Hans Ferdinand (Henry) began a business last spring, in a store by the station, as far from us as you are to Hamra.  Both are unmarried.  They have a good business.  The other 4 sons are at home,  Gustaf, Petter Luther , Otto and Theodore.  The youngest is 13 years old.  Thanks to God, everybody is well made and has a good intellect.  Those who have moved have a good life.  We have had suitable weather this year, so the harvest is good. Perhaps the rain has destroyed the oats a little, but the grain will be so much better.

We all have good health and up to now we are well.

Now I finish with kind regards to all of you.

J.V. Svenson

Write on occasion to us.  Greetings to my Mother and the brothers, Oskar and Gottfried.

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