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Friday, September 16, 2011

40. January 29 1900

Another letter from Jonas Victor telling of his farm, the family and the weather.   Roselyn

Cleburne,  Riley Co. Kansas  January 29, 1900
Dear Relatives in Spakarp.  God's Peace!
     The long contemplated job of writing to you I will now do.  But what shall I write?  If I write about the real circumstances of how it is here, you will perhaps not believe that.  People who have gone to Sweden and then come back, say that they tell how many swine and cattle a farmer can have, and how many people they have to do the work, they answer that you lie.
     Our talk and thoughts are often of you.  Perhaps you know that none of our children are at home.  My wife and I do as well as we can.  
     At present we have only one farm hand.  Two months ago the maid and a farm hand moved. The pay for a farm hand is high, $20 a month the whole year around.  Everything else is also expensive, especially the cattle.  It does not matter that the people are expensive.  Last Friday I sold 15 heifers, nearly two years old for which I got $36 each and 7 bullocks for $75 each, then all expenses were paid.  The 22 cattle were loaded on the train car.  Then we have 27 bullocks, which we will have for two or three months longer, so they will be fat.  They eat mostly barley and hay.  
     Last year the harvest was good.  The weather was suitable the whole summer and autumn was fine.  An unusual fine winter, no snow yet. There has been frost in the morning, but when the sun comes up it goes away.  Yesterday it was cold and it has frozen a little.  The fruit was not as good last year, but we got as much as we need.  We still have apples.
     Mother and I have had good health for our age, but now I have pain in my back.  I have been inside some days because of that.  My wife takes care of me as well as she can.
     As you know our sons are in business, six of them.  Alfred the oldest is a farmer and lives on the farm.  The three oldest and the next youngest are married.  The oldest son has no children, the next has two daughters, number three has three daughters, the next youngest has no children.  Three of the sons are unmarried.  Our daughter, who is the oldest, has ten children.  The two oldest work in stores.  One of them has worked for several years.
     Now there are good times, plenty of money.  The people seem to be richer.  Mostly, with some exceptions , the land is high priced.   
      Some words to you, my dear Mother, if you are still alive.  I do not know, but the desire to talk to you has been great many times.  The distance is too far.  We will meet at the "Grace Chair" and will be welcome there.  The time is short until we will finish our earthly life.  May nobody of us be missed, do receive the salvation, which is in Christ Jesus.
     Now I finish with many dear greetings from us to all of you.
                 J. V .Svenson

Do send us a letter, so we may hear how you are.

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