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Saturday, September 24, 2011

May, 1907 Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Jonas Victor and Anna Greta Swenson

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Jonas Victor and Anna Greta Swenson in 1907
Back Row:  P.L., Alfred, G.A., John Skonberg (Husband of Tilda Swenson) C.W., H.F., and his wife Ida
Next Row, seated:  Cora, wife of p.L., Jonas Victor, Anna Greta, and Tilda (Matilda)
Seated in front of Cora is T.O., then a widower.  Son Otto William died in 1901.
In Front:  Laura (C.W.'s daughter), Ruby and Ruth (H.F.'s twin daughters), Mildred (P.L.'s daughter, Rozella (H.F.'s daughter and Bess (C.W.'s daughter)    Click on picture to enlarge
     On may 1907, Jonas Victor and Anna Greta Swenson had been married for 50 years.  Sometime that summer, the family gathered at the old limestone home in Cleburne, Kansas to celebrate the event.  The only child missing was Otto William, who had died in 1901.      
     None of John and Matilda Skonberg's children appear in the picture and may not have attended this celebration.  Some of the older children had left home, but there were still others living at home.
     Matilda, the only daughter of Jonas Victor and Anna Greta, at age 16, eloped with handsome John Skonberg, age 27, who was one of the hired men on Christmas Day, 1873.  According to family lore, her mother, Anna Greta really never forgave her for this, and relations were never close after that.  At the time of this picture, even though John and Matilda have been happily married for 34 years and have 11 children, Anna Greta has not accepted him.     A family story, only verified by hearsay, is that Anna Greta did not want John Skonberg in the family picture but Matilda insisted.  If you look closely Matilda has turned around and is holding on to John's watch chain to keep him there.  Of course, she may only be holding on to Anna Greta's chair--who knows?  But that story has come down through the years and has some validity to it!


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