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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

43. June 26, 1904

In this letter, Jonas Victor Swenson learns that his mother has died.  It seems that times in Sweden are becoming harder and he worries about his younger brothers.  Every letter tells that he is always a business man and obviously passed that on to his sons!

Jonas Victor Swenson
Cleburne, Kansas
June 26, 1904

Dear Brother Albert and Family.
     Much grace and peace.  Many thanks for the letter and its contents.  It was good to hear that our old Mother has ended her days.  We hope that she is home with God.
     I also see that you have had the same experience as we by your daughter's illness and death.  It is a reminder of how uncertain life is.  It brings comfort to know they can go home in peace.
     Our youngest son left the place here and we have new farm renters.  They give us half of everything.  We have cattle and swine together and he looks after them.  When anything is sold, we each take half, but I have to pay the tax.  Then he feeds a couple of horses, which we also have. We have the right to milk 2 cows, or one fifth of all milk, which we want as long as we are here, so we will have something to do.  Other than that, things are as usual here.
     Many people our age have died.  This spring there has been much sickness and many both young and old have died.  Surgeries are a daily thing.  For us it isn't possible, because of our age.
     You talk about authorization.  I think it is not necessary for such a little sum, but I will send one if you can approve that.  I do not know where to go without a lot of trouble, so I do it for myself.  A notary has signed that I have signed with my own hand.  If it is not good enough,         
perhaps Oskar (his younger brother) can write one and send to me, so I can sign it.  
     I would like to know how Oskar is.  
     Please ask Johan Petter's son, Albert, that he does the work on my part.
     We have received much rain here, so the work with the wheat was late.  Now the wheat and oats are ripe.  This year there was lots of fruit here.
 Now I finish.  I think it might be difficult to read my letter.
                J. Victor Swenson

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