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Thursday, September 29, 2011

52. January 1916

There are no saved letters from Jonas Victor Swenson after 1909 until this one in 1916, when he tells of his wife's cancer but says their "health is good for their age".  At the end he speaks of World War I.   Roselyn

Cleburne, Ks
January 1916
Dear Brother with Family,
     I have not heard anything from you since we received the portraits of the home and the church, so therefore, I will write and say thanks for the portraits.  We sent one to Olsons (his brother in law).  It was so touching to see the old home.  It took a long time before we received the portraits.  We received the letter a month before.
     At that time we were in Omaha,(several sons lived in Omaha, NE then) because my wife was at a hospital there for 5 months.  She had two bad operations for cancer.  In one operation they took away the lower part of her backbone, and in the other, something a little over the groin.  It is a marvel that she is alive in spite of her age.  We took her to the best doctor we could get and she had strength enough.
     I have been feeble all Christmas, so I have been inside.  By the way, we are well for our age.
   Last summer we received much rain, so the grain was good.  The years before were rather dry, so the grain was not as good, but the wheat and oats were good.  Cattle and pigs are expensive and have been so for several years.
     About the spiritual domain, it seems like before.  No special religious revival now.  The people in the country live a decent life.  The young people are growing up sober.  It is shameful to booze.
     You, Albert, are a good writer.  Let me know how it is with Oscar and Alfred.  Where are they and how they are doing?  It would also be nice to know how Selma, who is married to Anders Petter from Hamra and Johan Petter in Hamra are, and where they live.
     We had a fine autumn with almost no frost before Christmas, and then we got snow and cold.  We will live at the farm as long as we can take care of ourselves.  We think it is the best for us.  The old people move to the towns.
     I am not a good writer, so I finish with many kindly greetings to all of you.  Brother Albert, do write and let me know how it is both with your spirit life and body, and also if you got a good harvest in the marsh and bog.
     Here everything is expensive, owing to the war in Europe.  When shall that terrible killing of the powerful young men cease?     God with you and us all.
     J.V. Svenson

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